Penney + Bennett | Studio Visit

Loren Marks and Sarah Carson of Penney + Bennett are the epitome of happy makers...

Combining different aspects of their varying fine art practices, Loren and Sarah's hands touch everything they put out into the world, along with the upmost love and attention. Using only the highest quality linens and silks, Penney + Bennett is a perfect fusion of art-piece and functionality, which is also reflective of the brand's makers too. Both Loren and Sarah value the experience of travelling and gathering inspiration, but also know how to then translate that musing into beautifully made, practical pieces for your home.

Another admirable fact about Penney + Bennett is their devotion in creating next to no waste, a philosophy imbedded in everything they do. A recent example was a fabric chandelier, created for a charity event using only recycled fabrics that would have otherwise been thrown away. Soft and tactile, the chandelier was extremely beautiful. 

Last week we visited the Penney + Bennett studio where we were shown through all of their hand-made processes including gold foiling and electric scissor cutting, their new custom-made packaging, oodles of divine textiles, and their plans for the future...

See our range of Penney + Bennett in store and online [here]


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