MOVE and WORK by Malene Birger

Self-proclaimed nomad Malene Birger, is the epitome of creativity, timelessness, and eclectic style...

... Whether she is donning her fashion designer, brand founder, or interior designer hat, Malene Birger’s love for uncompromising design and traditional craftsmanship is evident throughout everything she does. 

In her most recent book, MOVE and WORK Malene Birgen opens by saying, "I'm always happy to move into a new space, and am so attracted to the energy of moving and travelling. I'm in love with my homes whilst living there. However, when I'm ready to move on I have no emotional attachments, but look forward to creating a new home. No one pushes me; no one forces me; it's my choice. No regrets... just pure inspiration (and some hard work and logistics)."

Malene Birger is the best example of how to create new environments using one's existing furniture, yet adding new expressions. Her houses are a perfect mix of old and new, craftsmanship and modernity, art and influences from other cultures. We love how she interprets her environments, enabling different conversations to happen between her surroundings and objects. 

MOVE and WORK by Malene Birger ($175) is now available in store and online. 

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