Studio Visit | Kat Corbett, Thisby + Solomon

Where family history and creative genes reside...

Thisby + Solomon's newest collection, titled The Earth Collection, could not be a better representation of the maker herself. An absolute magpie when it comes to her own personal collections, Kat's home is accented in travel finds from around the globe, each tactile and one-off, they're an insight to the maker's love of the unique...

For example: a beautifully hand-made Kenu mat from Congo is slung over her office door, three hand-carved wooden Tonga stools from Zimbabwe soaked in the sun (along with the cat!), the rest of their living space was dotted with woven baskets and carved wooden bowls, adding irregularity in shape and form to the flush lines of the home's original structure. 

However, the piece that got most of our attention was a beautiful nude photograph taken by Kat's uncle inlaw from London, Nadav Kander. Perfectly positioned above her Great Great Aunty's dining table, of which Kat tells us has helped to support the creation of three wedding dresses throughout its time. This seems like a wonderful place, then, for Kat to continue the family tradition, and create something that is embedded with absolute patience and love.  

Thisby + Solomon's The Earth Collection is now available in store and online.

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