Why We Love Linen...

There is nothing quite like climbing into bed to be greeted by the feeling of fresh linen against your limbs. Yes, it's luxurious, but it is 'luxury' in the sense that it is made of high quality materials that value the environment that makes us appreciate linen the most...

Linen is also one of the oldest textiles in the world, dating back to 8,000BC. Made from the flax plant, it is the strongest of the vegetable fibers, and also one of the most eco-friendly as growing flax doesn't deplete the soil and requires very little fertilizer to grow.

Pure linen is thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and softens - but doesn't weaken - with every wash. The range we carry in store is also anti-pilling (very important for bed linen!) It has a high water absorption capacity - 20% of its weight - without any detection of moisture to the touch. The pectose that binds the fibers together during growth dissolve each time it comes into contact with water - that's why it softens.

So with another luxurious long weekend ahead, here's to enjoying all of that extra time in bed wrapped in pure, blissful linen, of course!

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