L'Artisan Parfumeur Event

Last night we were lucky enough to host a wonderful evening with Nick Smart from Agency de Perfume. We learnt about the importance of using natural ingredients to optimize the flavour and intensity of a fragrance, and what it really means to be 'niche'. We also tried on numerous L'Artisan scents from exotic to floral and sweet to woody, most of us narrowing it down to two top choices (so difficult!).

The three new scents instantly stole the show with their beautiful packaging. Housed inside white boxes with embossed images; Deliria had a roller coaster, Skin on Skin; a tiger, and Amour Nocturne a rosette from the ceiling of a Parisian hotel (your view after a lustful evening for two!) they also each came with their very own printed photograph of the scene...

If you haven't already, do come by and have a moment with these luxurious scents, the really are amazing. Thanks to everyone who came out last night, we loved seeing and meeting you all!

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