Office Desk Envy

Above: Kinfolk editor Nathan Williams' desktop computer at home along the Oregon coast. Desk envy!

Now we're on a mission to de-clutter our working spaces. And add flowers. And lamps. And a view.... You can, too! Here are 10 tips for streamlining your entire tech experience, laptop, tablet, and smartphone included, courtesy of Remodelista.

1. Keep your desktop clear.

2. Reap the benefits of a smart calendar.

3. Effectively manage your To Do’s.

4. Get a handle on your newsletters and junk mail, and bring your inbox down to (nearly) zero.

5. Work sensibly and productively online.

6. Take frequent breaks.

7. Organize your files in the Cloud.

8. Streamline (and boost the security of) your passwords.

9. Consolidate apps on your tablet or phone.

10. Expand your access.

Read all about it [here].

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