Refresh + Rebrand | The Tessuti Logo

Some of you will have already noticed our beautiful new Tessuti logo and branding on our window, postcards, vouchers and carry bags! Because we're very excited about our little refresh we thought we'd share a little insight to the concepts behind Tessuti's rebrand...

Natasha Mead, our wonderful designer initially drew an illustration of the Tessuti home - the R & W Hellaby building (originally the butchers!) and decided to incorporate the building into our branding...

"Tessuti is an absolute institution in Herne Bay, so the brand refresh has been about celebrating that and also looking back on how far Tessuti has come. The R & W Hellaby building, being the site for four years, really is the home of Tessuti. It reflects both the history and the iconic corner site location. Our new colour palette and materials come from the everyday luxury of home goods - textured linens, copper pots and earthen ceramics." -- Natasha Mead.

There is also the introduction of the ginkgo leaf - a symbolic reference to Tessuti's respected longevity (26 years in three different locations with three different owners. All in Jervois Road!)

"For this rebrand I wanted to reference Tessuti's long standing history and revisit some of the original concepts - hence the Ginkgo leaf. The Ginko tree is also the oldest known fossil in the natural world, and a constant inspiration for our collections. Natasha's stroke of genius was to incorporate the building into the logo. I feel it perfectly represents the store and gives a European reference which also fits well with the fact that Tessuti started importing from France and Italy!

We don't chase after trends, but rather reference them within our collections, and as always, luxury whispers! With our rebrand, I know that reflection made it easier to move forward...."  -- Ali McIntosh.

If you haven't already been into store to see our refresh and rebrand, do so! We're very pleased and proud of the results! A big thank you to Natasha for all of your excellence and enthusiasm.



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