Interview | Olivia Smith of NODI RUGS

Weaving together contemporary design with traditional techniques, we're very excited to host NODi's new ‘Organic Lines’ collection for spring/summer 2014.

The fluid, bold forms of this collection were inspired by the visual lines created by natural light. This collection is fun and playful, perfect for that favourite sunny spot in your home. Designed on the shores of New Zealand, these rugs have been woven by hand on a loom in India. This collection reflects both the balance and the imperfections of nature. Contrasting textures, shapes and a dynamic colour palette create natural yet structural designs. 

We spoke with Olivia of NODI about her new collection, her plans for summer and her Top Five Tessuti picks...


Can you tell us about the new collection arriving in store?

The new collection has been a long time coming, Ali and I worked closely together to choose colour combinations that would suit the Tessuti client and sit harmoniously with the look of the store. Expect to see soft duck egg blues, deep stone tones and pops of coral.  

I love the colour combinations in this collection. What were some of your references and inspirations for this collection?

The references in this collection are all colours I personally love. I’ve been living by the sea for the last year so I think being surrounded by vast expanses of nature had an influence. I’m also obsessed with the ever changing sky and admire it a lot - so the duck egg blues and inky blues have some reference to that.

From your initial collection, has there been any adjustments or changes in your design or making process?

No change to the design process except maybe I’m a bit more efficient on photoshop! The making process, however, is completely different for this new range. The previous range was all hand-tufted, instead this range is all hand-woven. Two weavers work harmoniously applying the same pressure to the horizontal pit loom. The hand-woven look lends more towards the imperfections of a hand-made product, making each piece an individual, unique piece of art. 

This collection also offers it's designs in a printed and framed format, so NODI not only covers your floor, it also graces your walls! What was the idea behind adding this element into your collection's offering?

When I was looking at the designs for this new range I thought - wow these really are pieces of art. So, I selected a few that I thought would work well as literal pieces of art for the wall and had them printed, it means people also have access to NODI and the designs at a lower, more accessible price point.

What would your advice be for someone wanting to add some textural element to their room?

A NODI rug!

What are your personal plans for the up and coming summer?

Some time at the family bach in Taupo and then heading away to Matapuri up in Northland with some friends for a much needed break. Can’t wait!!


Olivia's Top 5 Tessuti picks for Christmas are:

Ghost Lamp by Monmouth Glass Studio, Stonewashed Linen Oxford Pillowslip, Brass Shelf by Joska & Sons, Linen Grey Kimono, and a Handwoven Net Bag

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