Love Your Summer Skin

After a month of taking full advatange of this excpetional weather, we're looking to replenish our summer skin with a little TLC. Enter our trusted friends from Ingrid Starnes, Martina Organics and Triumph & Disaster. These three brands, all Tessuti tried and tested, each offer something unique and delicious for your skin. Ingredients such as healing organic manuka honey and soothing organic goat's milk are hand-selected to give your skin optimum hydration and nourishment throughout the summer months. It's time to give your skin some love with these New Zealand made skincare products.

{Image features Ingrid Starnes candle in Sage ceramic $139, L'Artisan Deliria perfume $332, Angelika bracelet by Charlotte Penman $395, Gold Sea Pod earrings by Louise Douglas $210, Marble soap tray $123, Marble sculpture $79.50, and Martina Organics Oil Moisturizer $99 and Toner $72}

Ingrid Starnes Body Hydratant $99. Active agents draw ambient moisture while natural nut-based emollient oils retain softness. Ingrid Starnes Hand Cream $49 contains cocoa butter, citrus, aloe vera, rosehip, macadamia nut, coconut and wheatgerm oils. 

Martina Organics Moisturiser, $99, is hand-blended and uses certified organic ingredients. A sumptuous moisturiser to help to soften, protect and renew your skin. Martina Organics Oil Cleanser $89. Designed to both heal and hydrate, the Oil Cleanser melts away impurities, makeup and excess sebum without stripping the skin of moisture.

Triumph & Disaster Game Face Moisteriser, $66, is infused with jojoba extract, New Zealand horopito oil, ponga fern and vitaminE to lift the skin and provide the antioxidants needed to defend against the elements. Triumph & Disaster Summer Tool Kit $110. A bag of loot designed for beach lovers across the nation. Filled with No Dice Sunscreen, shearers soap and a jar of Game Face Moisturiser, all delivered in a drawstring bag. 

Post beauty regime, wrap up in a luxurious Linen and Terry Robe $310. Falling well below the knee, it's perfect for lazy mornings and relaxed evenings all year long. Made from 100% organic cotton, sourced and woven in Turkey, these Mediterranean Bath Towels are your bathroom's best friend. Available in a range of colours, $82.50 each. 

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