Studio Visit | Georgia Jay

It's not so often you get to drive to the coast in the morning mid-week...

... but when your local maker lives on the lush and wild coast of Piha, well, then, it's a must!

Tucked into the northern end of the Piha coastline, up a very steep driveway, Georgia Jay and her boyfriend reside in a small yet beautifully sunlit and airy, open-plan studio. With views out to the surf and acres of native bush surrounding them, it is here that Georgia finds her well deserved time out, and can let her mind ponder over design and inspirations. 

Simple, yet considered, Georgia's home has everything it needs and nothing else, a way of living she declares extremely worthwhile. There's freshly picked flowers on the bench, lavender oil burning, and her little curly cavoodle 'Cashew' running in circles, too excited for words. Green indoor plants and fresh produce accent a light palette of linen, leather, woven rugs and sun hats. It feels warm and inviting, just like its owner.

After we explore the vegetable garden and decide that we will one day do a house-swap for the weekend, we set off for a beach walk which the dogs are extremely happy about. The sun is warming up and the beach has that brilliant salty scent that we engulf with pleasure. We play in the rock caves and the sand dunes while the dogs make new friends. 

Back in the city, the Georgia Jay store embodies that same essence found at Georgia's own home: a light palette, fresh and airy. The hand-crafted pieces catch our eye: a day bed, concrete + wooden plinths, and the long delicate curtains that pool on the concrete floor — all made by the supportive hands and talents of Georgia's family. It is modern and warm. Delicious textures greet your eyes every which way you look. And just like Georgia's bags (in fact, just like Georgia herself), it is the materials that the store is made of and the highly considered details that are the real bones of the structure — you can tell this place could handle a few knocks, as pretty as it may be, it's certainly no wimp. 


Thank you Georgia (and Cashew) for having us!
Anytime you need house sitters - we're your girls. 

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[Images by Yasmine Ganley]

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