Christian Tortu — Bathing before Bed

Our guide to Bathing before Bed celebrates world-renowned florist Christian Tortu: Forêts Pot-Pourri.

As the sun begins to set earlier and the nights become longer we indulge in the ritual of bathing. This is a way to take care of ourselves through a restorative and quiet activity of submerging and floating. Our guide to Bathing before Bed celebrates, in particular, world-renowned florist Christian Tortu: Forêts Pot-Pourri. Along with his hand soap and candles, his products are works of art, that transport you into the depths of nature. 

To begin...

Place a handful of  Pot-Pourri into a small bowl and sit it next to the bath.

In Japan, before bathing, men and woman wash themselves before getting in the bath so that the water they bathe in remains clean.

Using soap wash hands, feet and underarms in a quick cool shower whilst drawing the bath. Wrap your dry hair in a towel or put it up with a clip to avoid getting your hair wet before bed (lowering the shower head, so hair remains dry).

As the hot water fills the bath, slowly submerge, and smell its steam catch the resin and bark of the Virginian cedar. Experience the forest of the Pot-Pourri blending together, transforming the room into a glorious woodland.

Tall pine trees,

Crunching autumn leaves underfoot,

Clean air still moist from days of rainfall.

Rest here in this forest. Eyes closed, senses alert.

After 10-15 mins feel the water temperature begin to change. Slowly and carefully, stand up and dry off. Get straight into pyjamas and bed socks.

Make a warm evening tea, and tuck yourself in with a book and bed light.

Photography: Ophelia Mikkelson 

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