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"More than just beautiful towelling, BAINA represents the moment after bathing. A moment of awakening in preparation for the day ahead, or the slow disconnect of the day that has passed."

Objects of desire should be of the kind that invigorate our daily lives. Baina, for us, falls into this category with their attention to detail that is focused on activating sensory pleasures. And beyond that, one that also gifts us a much needed pause in our regular programming.

We visited BAINA founders and directors Bailey Meredith & Anna Fahey, at their HQ office in Auckland, and spoke about how they have successfully created an ethically-responsible business that is more than just a product...

Traditional bathing is about so much more than just getting clean. Beyond bathing for the body, what else do you feel Baina serves in this space?


We believe BAINA to be more than just beautiful towelling, for us BAINA represents the moment after bathing. A moment of awakening in preparation for the day ahead, or the slow disconnect of the day that has passed. Therefore in this space we feel BAINA reminds us to be present where once we were absently moving through routine.

Can you talk about your decisions around Baina's fibres and textures, and what you intend for them to bring to one's moment of daily ritual?


The fabrication is the most important element of BAINA, particularly given we are both very tactile people. We selected GOTS certified organic cotton terry, for not only its sustainable element, but for its incredibly soft handle and absorbency. From research we knew that people are drawn to towels that feel soft and plush, but that are also functional. We needed them to absorb and dry quickly, whilst not taking up too much room in the machine. We were constantly refining, ultimately creating a product that was thick enough to feel generous but light enough that it dried easily. With this in mind, BAINA will be a lovely soft and dry towel for the individual who showers once or even twice a day.

What do you feel your responsibility is as creatives in this industry and political climate?


We personally feel we have a responsibility to create a business that is more than just a product - but a business that has a clear conscience. Whilst we are a young business, we have plans long term to evolve to become fully sustainable and carbon neutral. It is a big job and takes time. So while we work on this, we know it is our responsibility (along with all textile brands) to continue to fuel the conversations on 'buy less and buy better’. Moving away from the seasonal cycle and considering how we consume. From a production perspective, we know that everything produced in this world has an impact- therefore we only produce what we know we will sell (potentially what has left us with a sold out status), avoiding surplus stock, and ensuring we make the best choices we can, where we can.

Images and interview by Yasmine Ganley.

What are some ways in which you both like to disconnect from your day?

B: I always start my day with some form of exercise- whether it's a walk with my dog or a pilates class. It's a time spent away from my phone and gives me a chance to connect and check in with my body and my energy levels for the day ahead. I'm trying to be more disciplined with screen time (it's a work in progress) and swapping it out at 8pm with a book. Removing that stimulation right before bed has drastically improved my quality of sleep.


A: Life has changed since having my baby boy in March, however bathing remains my vice. When my husband gets home from work, he relieves me from my duties, I pour a glass of wine and a bath. I soak in until the temperature drops enough, and he delivers me my little one. We chat a little, coo-ing at each other, then it's time for my husband to get him ready for bed. This is a really very special time, I love it all, the before, the middle and the after...

And lastly, in terms of refueling your own creative tanks, what currently is on your radar that is motivating for you?


B: My source of motivation is always changing but right now I am enjoying the connection with different creatives that we have recently connected with via our social platforms, working together to create beautiful imagery and seeing what can be imagined with creative freedom is encouraged. I am always inspired when I see another person's interpretation of our brand and how it's perceived from an external view point.


A: I am currently on 'maternity leave’ so am very much in my own sleep deprived bubble, however B keeps me in the loop with all things BAINA, making this my outlet. We have many chats about design and colour theory, new directions and design inspirations. We have some exciting things in the pipelines, I just can’t wait until we can share them all.

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