Inspirational Garden— Anna Wintour

Take a walk around the whimsical garden of Anna Wintour, designed by her longtime friend and landscape architect, Miranda Brooks.

Twenty years ago, landscape architect, Miranda Brooks, embarked on what would become one of her most noted and ongoing projects: a garden for her dear friend— Anna Wintour. On a 40 acre piece of land on the ‘wrong side of the Hamptons’ Wintour’s land splays out on waters edge. A nod to both women’s homeland of the English countryside, this project is for Brooks stems from the memory of arriving home, overgrow fields and country lanes. She describes it as an ‘exercise in homesickness’ a creation of home in a new land.

 The garden an ever-evolving place where order meets the edge of wild. The spring flower spill out from the boxed hedges. A brick wall is home to the climbing rose. Arches of green lead to secret gardens and somewhere a pool of blue. “While romantic gestures abound, so too does simplicity: the glory of single plants, rather than a great jumble, and an appreciation for the colour green.”

You can learn more about Mirada Brooks and see photographs of her own house and garden in Vogue Living | Country, City, Coast.

(Above) A water colour by Brooks of Anna Wintour's garden.

(Below) Brooks in the garden she created for her friend. 

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