Creators of special objects that you'll love and use for years to come.

Introducing KLAY –– Makers of special objects that you'll love and use for years to come. We welcome their beautiful range of round velvet squabs in lush fruit-inspired tones, floppy linen moon flower hats + unisex cotton-canvas jackets...

A Tessuti favourite –– these squabs are ideal for on top of a stool or a wooden or concrete bench. They are structured and firm, and meticulously hand made with five hand crafted layers. 

[Image above, Round Velvet Squabs in Marmalade Orange, Sea Kelp Green & Pomegranate Seed Red –– $150 each]

Inside each Round Velvet Squab, the first three layers are built up to sculpt the ideal disc form. Two circles of 5mm foam sandwich carefully arranged shredded recycled rag. This is then sandwiched between two circles of soft fluffy bamboo batting, which is fully enclosed with a trussing hand stitch. This is then inserted into a calico cover, which again is hand stitched closed, ensuring a smooth finish. 
The methodical handwork ensures a beautiful, hand crafted shape.

KLAY Unisex Jacket

A loose fitting, boxed shaped, unisex workman's jacket. It has a pyjama collar, five button opening and four patch pockets, with one of them being an internal pocket on wearers right hand side. We cannot wait to see what these jackets look like once they are well worn and beaten in!

[Image above, KLAY Unisex Jacket (Medium/Large) –– $270]


The design of these hats has taken years, trying to perfect a hat that can protect against harsh New Zealand sun to prevent from burnt noses and scalps that can be worn everyday. Made from linen, they are floppy and can be scrunched up and put into pockets when not worn.

[Image above, Moon Flower Linen Hat in Black, Sage, Dusty Blue + Navy –– $95]

[Image above, Round Velvet Squabs in Passion Fruit Skin Grey, Sea Kelp Green, Ginger Root Tan –– $150 each]

[Images above, Moon Flower Linen Hat in Black + Dusty Blue –– $95]


All KLAY items are meticulously made by hand in Auckland, New Zealand.

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