MOOD — You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!

How jewellery accompanies us in our everyday lives and is more that just an object of adornment.

 In Durga Chew-Bose’s article Harnessing the Power of Earrings, the Most Intimate and Brutal Accessory featured in this years September issue of Vanity Fair she states: "I am interested in a particular type of earring—the kind that functions not merely as a decorative accent but as a handsome object, worthy of the sort of dignity we impart to cuff links and neckties."

We are thinking about jewellery, not just as something we wear, but also as an significant object that has the ability to transform our being or mood. A long beaded earring can make us feel like dancing. A ring, passed down from another, fills us with love and carries us through the day. It comforts us. It is used as a symbol to bind us. Jewellery (perhaps like scent) transports us. Before we go out for the evening, we bathe, we dress, we brush, we add rouge to our lips and cheeks, and then pick the necklace that will accompany us. It is the final touch that sets our character.  It is the thing we check on throughout the night, or when we jump into the ocean. Is it still there? We lift our hand to our collarbone or earlobe to check. Yes!

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