A Morning Story

Slow mornings, pyjamas all day long, book in hand, a lullaby song.

A Morning Story celebrates slow mornings at home, staying in pyjama’s all day, reading books out loud, and the soft sound of a lullaby. Laing Home’s Abby Pyjama set in Antique Blush is the perfect companion for days like these as well as a stack of books including a few of our favourites: The Language of Flowers or Illustrated Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts for the littlies. (Happy School Holiday!) We also introduce the Arnold Circus Stool by renowned designer Martino Gamper, made from 100% recyclable plastics that now comes in two sizes, one for adults and the other for children! We lust after more beautiful scarfs from Good & Co. and share a sneak peek of what is to come for summer from Georgia Jay Bags...

Photography: Ophelia Mikkelson with Direction by: Yasmine Ganley.



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