NEW — Erbavoglio Milano Copper Flower Sculpture

Hand crafted and painted botanical art pieces...

We are excited to welcome Erbavoglio Milano's copper flower sculptures to store. The botanical atelier of Elisabetta Sonzini and her daughter Carolina is hidden in the heart of Milan, and has been there for over 20 years. The pair work to create the desired plant or flower from copper, and then paint them using a French technique from the 1700s, 'tôle peinte'. It takes a full day to create the smallest pieces...

These unique and delicate objet d'art make the perfect statement piece, on their own or grouped together, to brighten a console or mantel forever...

Orange Geum Branch, $1728
Passion Flower, Buttercup and Orange Zinnia
White Rose Dahlia, Little Daisy and Caper Flower Branch
Fuchsia Peony, $927
White Rose, $810
Rose Hip Branch, Little Violet, and Allium in Pot
Passion Flower, Thistle and Striped Dahlia
Orange Zinnia, $1010.
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