Nodi Handwoven Rugs

The story and virtues behind Nodi Handwoven Rugs. 

The word Nodi translates to knots. The very action founder Olivia Smith found herself repeating over and over again when studying Textile Design in Milan.

With a fascination towards hand making and a dedication to practicing a craft, Olivia packed her bags and moved to India, to learn the technicalities of weaving and the harvesting of jute. This was the very seed, which would later become Nodi— Handwoven Rugs.

Nodi now works with Goodweave, a charity that is passionate about abolishing child labour, making it their priority to end forced labour in the rug industry. GoodWeave wants every child to have the right to their childhood, freedom and access to education. The charity begun in 1994, by Kailash Satyarthi, a Nobel peace prize-winner and children’s right activist.

A few key points to know:

  • Our rugs are GoodWeave certified, which ensures that your rug was not made by children. The certification also helps ensure no forced or bonded labour was used.
  • The GoodWeave label displays a unique number, which can be traced back to the producer.
  • The GoodWeave label means that a percentage of the rug’s price is used to educate children in the weaving communities of South Asia.
  • GoodWeave provides rescued children with rehabilitation, education and vocational training. They also help return them home, if possible.
  • We have partnered with GoodWeave because we are committed to the highest standards of integrity in the industry.

Using all natural fibres and considerate practises, Nodi, celebrates integrity. It is an ode to imperfect beauty in modern design. Using textures and skill that work together to create a rug that transforms and adds character to a space, Nodi, is both exquisite and humble. 

Each rug is unique, thoughtfully made by hand.

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