'Guardian' by Penney + Bennett

A brand new collection from Penney + Bennett, inspired by earth tones and lush greenery ...

Penney + Bennett 'Guardian' Collection

Local textile designers Penney + Bennett have released their new collection titled Guardian — inspired by West Auckland's clean and green native forest. Available in both linen and silk covers, the cushions are offered in small and large sizes.

[Image below, Agathis Small Linen Cushion $149]

Penney + Bennett 'Guardian' Collection

[Image below, Cascades I Large Linen Cushion $209, Guardian Small Linen cushion $149]

Penney + Bennett 'Guardian' Collection

[Image below, Sophora Large Linen Cushion $205]

Penney + Bennett 'Guardian' Collection

Images by Greta van der Star


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