Tsé & Tsé Associées: Interview

We just found this wonderful interview with the women behind one of our favourite French brands Tsé & Tsé Associées, Catherine Lévy and Sigolène Prébois, talking about the important things in life and packed with beautiful, and slightly humorous, quotes - some of them we just had to share!


Here in the atelier we collect things that we find on our way and that are interesting or amusing. We don’t know what they should be used for when we find them, and we don’t go searching for them – we don’t even know why they are interesting, but we find out later. We have a shelf for objects like that.” And I think to myself, “A shelf! They have a whole house filled with such things. It’s an Aladdin’s cave.” 

We only design things when we need a specific object ourselves, or a solution to a problem. We test all products in our own homes, and if they don’t work or are too hard to clean, we discard them. We don’t want to provide women with more impossible tasks – and speaking of that, some people object that the April vase is difficult to clean. But if you think you absolutely need to clean the April vase, I’ll claim that you should talk to your therapist instead. It absolutely doesn’t need cleaning, it is just as fine with tarnished glass. Big vases on the other hand have to be cleaned, but that’s easy if you use vinegar.”  

"Our approach to design? We believe in sincerity.  – We don’t analyse our ideas. Tsé & Tsé is based on ‘feminine intuition,’ it is as simple as that. It’s not rare to hear our customers talking about our products like this: “Every morning when I drink from my cup …” – they don’t say ‘your cup’ or ‘my Tsé & Tsé cup,’ people take ownership. I think that the imperfect element that is part of all our products speaks to people – at least some people, the sensitive ones."

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