Almond Macaroon


Artisan Green Tea - Japanese Sencha whole green tea leaves are paired with organic coconut slices and almond flavour, to create a delicious aromatic tea.

A beautiful infusion, rich in flavour and antioxidants. This simple blend is a great pick me up any time of the day. The calming effect of the green tea helps to give focus and clarity.

Tin - 120g


  • Serve - Straight.
  • Measure - 1 teaspoon per cup.
  • Brewing temperature - 80°C.
  • Brewing time - 3 minutes


Storm + India Tea

Storm + India Tea is a New Zealand-based tea company run by sisters Storm and India. But the story really starts with their mother Dooley Crighton...

After sampling teas across the world, discovering blends she’d never tasted before, Dooley dreamed of creating bespoke teas created from small organic tea plantations. She started this dream in 2004 by growing and blending her own herbal teas. Dooley named the tea after her daughters – Storm & India. From their mother's notebooks and recipes, the sisters have created their own blends of bespoke teas, using premium, organic tea leaves + ingredients from around the world.

Storm + India Tea is handpicked, handcrafted and deliciously artisanal. Each blend brings a sense of peace, calm and joy into everyday life. The collection offers teas to rejuvenate the body & mind, promoting good health and wellbeing. We like to think they’re a daily ritual, brewed for the soul.