Creme Suisse 200mL


Creme Suisse hand cream by Astier de Villatte. Its unique texture is both ultra dense and ultra fine, as well as tremendously nourishing. It smoothes over your skin effortlessly, is instantly absorbed, and leaves no oily trace. One measure is enough to hydrate and protect your skin with its natural formula, charged in organically grown sunflower and jojoba oils, regenerating lemon balm, masterwort, the "queen of plants" with healing properties, grown in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. The 200ml pump dispenser, the same white as Astier de Villatte's ceramic, is extra thin and can easily fit in a handbag.

Size: 200ml.

Dimensions: 6.6 x 3.4 x 17.3cm

This hand cream comes boxed, and the bottle is the same white as Astiers' famed ceramics.


  • Astier de Villatte is a unique ceramic house born out of a workshop in the heart of Paris. Astier has welcomed into their whimisical and luxurious world a hand cream inspired by the spas of Switzerland.


Astier de Villatte

Astier de Villatte ceramics are handmade in their Parisian workshops. Each piece is unique, as a result of manual work and the natural method of drying. The white enamel allows an irregular glimpse of the brown clay underneath.

The production of ceramic objects is a long and delicate process. Each piece is entirely made by one craftsperson. In fact, you can find engraved on each piece the initials of Astier de Villatte and of the craftsperson who made it.



A postcard from Paris— Astier de Villatte

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