Deco Soap Gift Box (9x 50g mini soaps)


The assortment in this gift box features a selection of 9 soaps from the Claus Porto Deco range. They are all inspired by old labels and patterns from Claus Porto’s archives. Voga, Alface, Favorito, Elite, Banho, Madrigal, Chypre, Deco and Cerina are the soaps presented in this coffret.

They offer an aromatic and colourful journey across the multiple fragrances and patterns offered in this assortment.

9x 50g mini soaps

Please note, we do not offer a gift-wrap service on sale items, and they are unable to be returned or exchanged due to change of mind.


  • It all starts with the blending process, which is influenced by Claus Porto's decades of expertise, while the contemporary formulas are enriched with the finest ingredients A repeated milling process ensures a smooth finish to the soaps and a longer lasting perfume.
  • Claus Porto soaps are each hand-wrapped in the house's unique, vintage inspired labels. Claus Porto products catch the eye with their label's hand- drawn artwork. The regal, detailed designs were originally influenced by the rich culture of pre-republican Portugal, along with the opulent aesthetic of the European Belle Époque period. Today, Claus Porto continues this tradition of crafting detailed designs with love.
  • Made in Portugal.